My name is Ryan Bender owner of Website Islands. I started Website Islands in 2010, prior to this and even now my work history was as an inventor, wholesaler, retailer and international trade. I enjoy the creative process of website design and understand what a professional business site should look like, what converts visitors into customers, some of the very first sites I ever built and promoted were my own. I build websites for small businesses not just with aesthetics in mind but consider other factors such as being search engine friendly for Google rankings along with the goal of the site weather that is to showcase, sell, gain followers or subscribers.

Since I started Website Islands I have added new team members as our reputation, repeat business, request for other services such as search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, graphics and video has increased and became too much for me to manage on my own. Today I have over 10 part time and full time team members that each have their own unique set of skills. Some of the web designers that work with me are experts in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, Ajax, Wordpress, Joomla, HTML, Java, Photoshop, Illustrator, On and off page SEO, link building and adwords management to name a few. I know enough about most of these skills that I can build a beautiful site myself or know what to ask of my team members when I need help. I interview each client to understand what they are looking for and their goals and all sites are personally approved by me before being presented to the client. The below statistics are just that of Website Islands, collectively my team and I have decades of experience and a massive portfolio of finished projects behind our belts.

Over the years I have experimented with several price models, such as a flat rate lower initial cost but with mandatory hosting and, higher hosting fees, higher hourly rate but no mandatory hosting and competitive rate optional hosting fees. I have learned alot about how to run a successful website design firm over the years. I always wanted to be competitive, offer good quality while being one of the lower cost options and while today I know im no longer the cheapest option I do feel I have found the sweet spot, offering one of the best values in terms of speed, design quality, and additional perks and assurances that lower cost options cannot afford such as 100% satisfaction guarantee with unlimited edits along with other free services such as:...

Free domain registration for your site

value our cost $9.75 per year / compare to GoDaddy $14.95 per year

Free hosting for the first year

value our cost $6.75mo or $75 per year / compare to Godaddy SSD wordpress hosting $7.99 /month when you renew or $95.88 per year

Up to 5 free business class email accounts

value our cost up to $60 per year / compare to Godaddy $4.99 per user/month value up to $540 per year

Free basic SEO

includes optimization of your home page and rank tracking for up to 2 keywords, value our cost @ $100 compare to most other reputable SEO firms much more $$$

Free monthly website maintenance

such as security and site software updates and scheduled backups...value $260 per year compare to standard industry rates as published on websites such as executionists.com

Free followup service and support

such as free updates for things such as add and image or text changes to the site...value our cost up to $120 per year based on our hourly rate compare to other similar reputable web design firms value is from $240 and up $$$

{These FREE services most of which you will actually use have a value over the cost of your site}

If I were to remove all the free services I offer the price of your website design could be much less I could sell the cheapest website design in the industry, but frankly I don't want to build or host websites that don't have some of these services with good reasons, hacked sites, email issues to name a few of the big ones but then there is my cost of additional customer service and client side cost for those big issues which is totally avoidable and the pain on both sites for micro billing small task that can be free and easily built into the initial design cost in other words I don't want to send you an invoice for $10 or $20 each time you need me to add and image or add or edit some text, I dont want your site to get hacked or your email to go down in the first place and i certainly do not want to invoice you when that happens.


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