$600 Flat Rate | Unlimited Edits | Custom Website Design

This guide will help you understand what details we need to get started building your website. Some items are optional, once you have gone through this guide you will be able to send us any feedback and information we need to build your site. Of course, you may still have some questions, so we can discuss those by phone or email.


Most sites that deal with a service have a similar structure. A "Home" page, possibly an "About" page, however sometimes for simple sites with a short introduction we put the "About" text on the homepage. Many sites will have a "Services" page and subpages if there are many service types, possibly a "Pricing" page, a "Contact" page, with other optional pages like "Blog", "Testimonials", "Clients", and so on. You can have any and as many pages you like added to your site at no additional cost including those not mentioned here.


We have extensive experience building sites and we want each site to look its best so you can leave the design and style up to us, but let us know if you do have something specific in mind like something you may have seen on another website that you liked or may have considered for your own site. If you are going for a certain look or feel for your site let us know. For example, you might want something minimalistic, not cluttered, or elegant, or having a fun or tropical feel. Most small business clients want something professional that complements their service and brand.


Nobody knows the advantages and strengths of your company better than you do so it's only fitting you will probably provide most of the text for your site, describing your company and service. Most clients provide their own text however we can build a site with placeholder text or even provide the text. If we are providing the text we will have a more in-depth phone interview before getting started. Before getting started you may want to prepare at least a paragraph or two of text letting visitors know about yourself, your company and your services or production and the advantages. Besides an "About us" page you may want to create additional pages with detailed explanations for your different service types if possible. It's very common that you may not have much to write about, don’t worry, we can create a good looking site with just a little text. You can email sales@websiteislands.com any text you may want to add to your site. Try to send text and images in an organized manner for example send a separate email for each page or you can send all the text in an attached document, the main thing is that we can understand which text goes on which page and which images (if you are sending specific images) go on which page. Feel free to send as many emails as needed.


For most sites we provide the images, but if you have your own images such as before and after images of your service or product photos, personal photos or client logos you can email sales@websiteislands.com any images you want to add to the site if needed. If you have a lot of images it helps to stay organized by either naming your images with reference names or numbers or sending separate emails for groups of images depending on what page you want to add them to. As far as other images for the site we will find and add relevant licensed stock photos from one of our image providers. It can take a lot of time to find the perfect photo, we will do this for you. However, If you want to browse our stock photo image providers and hand pick out photos for your site you are welcome to. Some clients prefer to take an active role in the image selection or are looking for a specific image concepts or ideas. We can add any photos from the following two sites below to your site at no extra cost to you. This is where we get all our stock photos from. Just let us know the image reference number listed on the site if you are choosing them yourself so we can find and license them for you. http://stock.adobe.com http://billionphotos.com


If you do not have a logo, we will include a free logo design with your website design. We would need to know the text for the logo and if you have any specific ideas for the logo.

Domain Registration Service

If you do not have a domain name yet we can register one for you for free through our domain service domainislands.com when you order a custom website design service from us (the yearly renewal fee is just $9.75). You can also self-register a domain name on our site domainislands.com or you can go to GoDaddy or any other registrar and register a domain name that you like. You are free to register the domain name with your preferred registrar wherever that may be. We recommend GoDaddy or NameCheap if you are using another provider however if you are using our hosting service hostingislands.com and would like to be invoiced for your annual domain registration and hosting fees together we recommend our registrar domainislands.com which is our own branded platform for selling through Net Earth One (one of the larger registrars).

Hosting with Premium Maintenance Package

If you host your website with our website hosting service the first year is free. Most clients will host the website with us because there are many advantages. Initially, we will build the site on our dedicated server and let you preview it and make any edits. It's easier to address any issues and give you better support since we build the sites and manage the server your sites hosted on. Unlike a budget shared server only our trusted clients are on the server, we built the site and know the client, only those clients have access to the server so you know you're not sharing IP space with questionable neighbors. We use the latest SSD drives on our server so the page load speed is faster than what you would get on a shared HDD server with GoDaddy or Hostgator for example. While the quality is better the price is competitive Just $10.95mo or $110 per year and comes loaded with added value that exceeds the cost of the service such as included monthly website maintenance for WordPress software and plugins, security scans and monitoring, backups, and other optimizations including free cleaning or restoration if your site is hacked (value $260yr). This premium maintenance package also includes follow-up website service and support such as adding an image or text changes to the site (value up to $120yr). Your first year of hosting with maintenance is free so try it for one year and if you would prefer to switch to a standard hosting plan we can downgrade you to a standard hosting plan on our SSD server for $4.95 per month or $59.40 per year, same great server but none of the maintenance benefits listed here are included just standard hosting. With this premium plan, you are not paying for just hosting your also getting an extensive maintenance package included. Standard hosting companies will not touch your site other than quarantine or suspend your site it if gets hacked. Even the best web host cannot prevent your site from getting hacked if it's outdated and has not been updated in a long time and even then a skilled and determined hacker can hack just about any site (Remember the target.com hack?). The website maintenance included in this package is more important than you might think. Maintenance prevents your website from getting hacked by installing the latest updates for WordPress and any themes or plugins installed, Security software and monitoring further secure your site, and free backups and restoration prevent you from losing any work in the very rare case your site is still hacked. Most clients eventually need some updates like images or text on their site and the included updates can add up to a significant savings. Some clients already have website hosting or have special arrangements and there is no obligation or expectation to host with us, it's just a matter of convenience and service needed. If you want us to install the site to a 3rd party server there is a $50 labor fee however this can be avoided if you can arrange for the other service provider to restore a full cPanel backup on their server, many will do this for free.