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We have built 100s of sites, have a 5 star reputation on Google, and know how to build sites fast.
With our unique approach and experienced team you don't need to worry about if it will finish on time, on budget or if you will like the site we build for you.

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Pre-Made Sites

After years of building 100s of websites we understand the most common fears when hiring a new website designer: Will it finish on time? Will I like it and get what I wanted? Will it go over budget? To solve this problem we built over 100 sites in popular small business niches that are 90% ready to go live we just need a bit of information from you to customize it to your specific business.

We understand and know how a small business site should be built, what converts visitors to customers, what looks professional. Even if you find a site you like that is not specifically designed for your niche we can customize any of our pre-made sites with relevant images and content to form it to your specific business. There is no more guesswork, no more need to worry weather or not you will like the site or not since they are already built just pick the one you like and we will add custom images and content and make any other modifications needed.

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Custom Made Sites

We have built over 400 custom sites and have perfected the interview process to understand well what a client is looking for, very often we hit the nail on the head but sometimes additional edits are needed, sometimes clients change their mind, that is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and unlimited revisions. We will keep working on our site until you are satisfied. Our extensive portfolio, reputation and 5 star ranking on Google reviews should help you feel confident in our ability to meet your demands and finish on time. When you consider we also offer a flat rate, 100% satisfaction guarantee and unlimited edits you don't need to worry about the most common fears of hiring a new website designer such as will it finish on time? Will i like it? Will it go over budget. We are confident in our ability to make you happy and build you a site you will love.

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Lead Generation One page Site Only $50

This is a simple one page site we use a standard layout which is customization. Great for service providers or anyone selling something or has a special offer or who wants to promote it for example generating sales leads for insurance or health selling any kind of service. Leads can be exported by CSV if you like to your 3rd party autoresponder. Customizable colors, banner image, lead form fields, language, buttons, text, sections can be removed if not needed. We have designed 100s of banners for many common types of business that would need a site like this and can make a custom banner for you if needed. We can also match the color scheme with your logo and even provide you with a simple logo included if you do not already have one. See our simple logo design page to get a feel for how our simple logos look like.

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Local Business Page Only $50

You have probably seen a local Google business page or Yelp review page, This is like a turbocharged better looking and customized version of that, here you have a way to collect leads and emails from visitors and have full control of the content published. This is a simple site with up to 4 tabs, we use the same design concept for everyone (that is why we can offer it so cheaply) it can have your own images, text and social links and it looks great and if you just need something simple this may be prefect for you. Get a local business website on your own domain. Make it easy for visitors to find you with integrated Google Maps with custom marker-content, Include Yelp Reviews, Social Sites and Google Maps. Collect new leads (you can use this for sending out promotional emails, coupons, events, news ect) and export to any auto-responder. Buttons that connect to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even a Skype telephone that works on mobile. The site is responsive and mobile friendly like all our sites. Includes a background slideshow with up to three images, and a homepage photo gallery with 4 images that popup for larger view and any text or images can be put on the 4 tabs.

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